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a junior researcher at Critical Media Lab / IIG Basel and a PhD candidate at Leuphana University Lüneburg. I have a background in interface design and european media studies. My current research interests lie in the socio-material configurations of design ecologies.

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Augmented Space
IXDM Basel
Institut Experimentelle Design- und Medienkulturen ( IXDM ), © Christine Schranz

Augmented Space is a augmented reality app, that gives a historic perspective on the Campus of the Arts Basel. The campus is located on a former freeport. During a tour, historical shots of buildings and street views can be augmented in real time on the display of a mobile device.

Institut Experimentelle Design- und Medienkulturen ( IXDM ), ©Christine Schranz

A second feature of the app gives access to the shady activities inside Swiss freeports. Due to their immunity, they are often used by the art market. From time to time, scandals become public, like illegal import of art works, target refuse of the public or curtain art robbery. The stories are mapped geographically on a globe and make tangible the role of freeports as duty free storages in the widely ramified networks of the art market’s affairs.
FHNW Basel
Institute Experimental Design and Media Cultures


Dr. Christine Schranz
Studio DébutDébut
Urs Clement

Cases Part 2
  • Bouvier-Rybolowlew affair
  • Modigliani an the Panama Papers
  • The case Schwarzenbach

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