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a junior researcher at Critical Media Lab / IIG Basel and a PhD candidate at Leuphana University Lüneburg. I have a background in interface design and european media studies. My current research interests lie in the socio-material configurations of design ecologies.

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Phobia Therapy
DoCN Basel
Together with the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Basel, we developed three mobile applications for the therapy of: the fear of heights, the fear of public speaking and spider phobia. The efficiency of the apps were evaluated in clinical studies.

Easy Heights is a VR-app to treat the fear of heights. The client can choose between three different scenarios: forest, city, mountains. Via a VR headset the client enters the „virtual world“ of the chosen scenario, that is depicted in recordings of a real environment. There he/she has to stand the situation. If successful, the client is lifted up a few meters towards the sky in a virtual basket. In between he/she is asked to evaluate the personal condition.

Fearless Speech is a VR-app, too. It is developed to give therapy to the fear of public speaking and works similar to Easy Heights. The client chooses between a seminar room and a lecture hall, that are accessed via mobile phone and VR headset. By time and level, the number of auditors increases. The client has to stand the judging views of the audience.

Phobys is an AR-app for the therapy of spider phobia. Within nine levels the client has to interact with a virtual spider, that is augmented via mobile phone in his/her real environment. Level by level the interaction with the spider rises, from a first look, to pet and play hide and seek.

University of Basel

Department of Cognitive Neuroscience


Dr. Dominique de Quervain
Dr. Dorothee Bentz
Dr. Nan Wang
Anja Zimmer
Fabian Müller
Bernhard Fehlmann

  • Easy Heights
  • Fearless Speech
  • Phobys