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a junior researcher at Critical Media Lab / IIG Basel and a PhD candidate at Leuphana University Lüneburg. I have a background in interface design and european media studies. My current research interests lie in the socio-material configurations of design ecologies.

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EMW Potsdam

Post-Publishing (dt. Post-Publizieren) is a practice-led research around the margins of electronic books and my Bachelor Thesis from the Eurpean Media Theory in Potsdam.

In seven studies, different properties from possible physical formats, programmability or its characteristic qualities are investigated. The final outcome is a detailed documentation and process reflection, published both as a traditional binded book, as well as a digital version.
As a main finding of the thesis, I characterized the parameterability as a genuine quality of the e-book. Therefore and in addition to the examining analysis, I developed the prototype of a full-parametric and self-generating layout for the e-book „Münchhausen“. The layout, that is usually set by the designer down to the last detail, is now generated automatically by the reader`s surrounding and environmental conditions. The designer becomes rather a director, who defines the ruleset of the reading experience, than its actual visual form.

  1. Drama in 5 acts: eB≠B
  2. Hybrid Workflow
  3. Digital Devices
  4. The creature of the book
  5. Re:print
  6. Cubic software aesthetics
  7. The language of the game
  8. Münchhausen (e-Book)

BA Thesis complete (pdf)